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Hi-speed, non-invasive cellular analysis system
Cell3iMager duos

Hi-speed, non-invasive cellular analysis systemCell3iMager duos

Cell3iMager duos can measure and quantify cells without reagent at high speed and realize high-resolution imaging at the same level as optical microscope. Cell3iMager duos, using uniquely developed optical system, takes high-precision and high-resolution images of single cells and colonies grown in 2D culture as well as spheroids and organoids grown in 3D culture. Also, clear and shadowless images can be obtained without the influence of meniscus across the whole well.

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High Speed and Gentle

  • Capture whole well in whole plate with high speed scanning.
  • Nonstop continuous imaging by 4.2Megapixel sensor and unique optical system.
  • High speed mode provide 60 sec/ 96 well plate and 70 sec/ 384 well plate.
  • Non-moving micro well plates, prevent cell moving, media shaking.

*1 High speed mode against 96well-plate.

High Quality
Acquire a clear image to the every corner of the whole well. Capture single cell everywhere in well without affect of meniscus. Detect various spheroids which have thickness and multi form.
  • Unique hyper-centric and tele-centric optical system enables a high-resolution imaging of whole well including area around the edge of well.
  • Specially designed lens have 2 resolution which has 0.8mm/pix and 4mm/pix.
Excellent Accuracy

Automatic cell morphological classification (ACMC)

  • Cell3iMager duos learns complicated cell morphological characters and classify automatically cell.
  • Enables growth test, drug efficiency test and more analysis in bright-field without some reagents.

Z-stacking of 3D cellular structures

  • Cell3iMager duos has a focus composite function.
  • Merge stacking images of each Z-direction, for example gel culture or soft agar medium.
  • Measure/quantify mass of cells spread in the Z-direction at once.

Key Applications
Key Applications

  • Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays
  • 2D & 3D celllular imaging and analysis
  • Combinatorial drug testing
  • Drug-target discovery and validation
  • Quality control of adherent and suspension cell culture
  • Antibody development
  • Regenerative medicine

Powerful Software
Powerful Software

  • Intelligent software of Cell3iMager provides the accuracy and efficiency.
  • Reports key spheroid growth and morphological parameters, including spheroid number, size, shape, and growth kinetics over time.
  • Definitions of parameters are customized and saved for re-analysis to ensure accuracy.
  • Generate growth curves and histograms.
  • Copy & pasted directly to other software and export raw data CSV files.

  • Supports basic (single-time point) and time-course dose-response analysis scanning option to use with hydrogel-embedded spheroids.
  • 30+ adjustable parameters for optimizing object identification of live, dead or artificial discrimination (e.g., bubbles, fibers, debris and more).
  • Identify and measure microtissues in single spheroid per well or multiple spheroid per well formats


Image mode Bright-field, Fluorescence
Bright field light source White LED
Fluorescent light source U 384nm, B 470nm, G 530nm, Y 565nm, R 625nm
Optical system Hyper-centric optical system (High-speed mode)
Telecentric optical system (High-resolution mode)
Camera CMOS 4.2 megapixel
Stage Imaging is carried out with a non-moving culture plate
Focus Real-time autofocus with laser
Image contrast software autofocus
Measure Single cell count, colony segmentation, live-dead cell number, spheroid area, circularity, duameter, and optical density
PC Windows 8.1 Xeon workstation
Resolutions 4.0 μm (High-speed mode) 0.8 μm (High-resolution mode)
Well plate 6, 12,23,48, 96, 384-well plate
35, 60mm dish
Image output Raw image 24-bit color Tiff, 8-bit gray Tiff
Power requirements AC100-240V
Dimentions W677 x D570 x H550 (mm)
Weight 106 kg

*For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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