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2010 Photo: facade

“Truepress Jet2500UV UV” inkjet printing system was used to create the facade of the Osaka Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Screen collaborated in create a replica of the “Folding screen illustrating Osaka during the Toyotomi period”.

Screen captured 69% world market share in coater/developers for LCDs.
Cumulative worldwide sales and installations of inkjet printing systems consisting of the Screen “Truepress Jet520” and the InfoPrint Solutions “InfoPrint 5000” passed the 200 mark.
Semiconductor cleaning equipment earned world’s top share in three key fields.
Screen and Gifu University invented new technology enabling non-destructive, non-contact analysis of next-generation thin film solar cells.
Photo: CW-1500Development of the “CW-1500” wafer cleaning system for manufacturing green devices. Full-scale entry into environmental technology fields including LEDs and power devices.
Screen became the world’s first recipient of the ISO 50001 energy management system.
Analytic technology of flow behavior of liquids established for semiconductor wafer cleaning.
“NanosprayÅ” developed as the world’s first spray cleaning technology for next-generation semiconductor devices.
Photo: SU-3200

Development of the “SU-3200” single-wafer cleaning system for next-generation semiconductor wafers.

Photo: ZI-2000

“ZI-2000” wafer pattern inspection system developed.

Photo: Levicoater

“Levicoater”, a new coating system for large glass substrates in LCD manufacturing, developed. 

Hiragino font employed for Japanese type on expressway signs (in Japan). 

2011 Screen launched new corporate vision: “Fit your needs, Fit your future”.
Photo: PlateRite8600M

Release of “PlateRite 8600M” Series of next-generation entry-level thermal CtP models for emerging countries.

Photo: PlateRiteHD8900

“PlateRite HD 8900” series launched as a flagship series of 8-page thermal CtP models.

Photo: CFP_logoPhoto: CFP_catalogue

Screen’s product catalog received licensing certification for the CFP (carbon footprint) mark from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. 

Photo: kawara_system

Screen entrusted with rooftop tile printing work for the Amida Hall restoration by the Otani sect of Shinshu Buddhism (Higashi Honganji,Kyoto).

“Truepress Jet2500UV” became the world’s first inkjet printing system equipped with a function to enable data creation for See-through graphics. 

Photo: mon-naka

Opening of WHITE CANVAS MON-NAKA, a new solution demonstration base for the printing equipment business.

Photo: MTMC_new_plant

Completion of construction of a new plant at the Dainippon Screen MT (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. printing equipment manufacturing subsidiary in Hangzhou, China for serving growing demand from emerging markets.

Photo: Keseru Michel

Release of “Keseru Michael” software for erasing blemishes on draft manga and illustrations in a single action. 

Photo: terahertz

Screen andOsakaUniversitycollaborated to achieve world-first success in visualization of terahertz waves in solar cell power generation. 

Photo: Ledia_5

Release of “Ledia 5”, the industry’s fastest direct imaging system for printed circuits.

Photo: teachingless_system

Development of a “teachingless system” that realizes autonomous driving of industrial robots.

Photo: SS-3200

Launch of the “SS-3200” single wafer cleaning system with the world’s top productivity.

Photo: award_ceremony

Screen won “Environmental Excellence Award” from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.(TSMC)

Photo: hiragino_font

Hiragino font included in “Ichitaro 2012 Sho (Japanese typing software)” by Just Systems. 

Screen and SEMATECH collaborated on next-generation technology for sub 14nm semiconductor manufacturing. 


Hiragino font adopted in the latest SECOM home security systems.

Photo: ecoship_1Photo: ecoship_2Screen accredited with an “Eco-ship mark” and received the “Chief Award” from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Maritime Bureau.
Photo: JSPST_Award"Truepress Jet520” full-color variable printing system received Fiscal 2012 Science and Technology Award from the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology.
Photo: Truepress_JwtSXScreen developed “Truepress JetSX” B2-paper sheet-fed inkjet printing system with the industry’s first paper-board handling function.

Screen received the “2011 TI Supplier Excellence Award” from Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Photo: TP-JW1632UVLaunch of “Truepress Jet W1632UV” inkjet printing system for the sign and display industry.
Photo: TP-JL350UVScreen developed “Truepress Jet L350UV” inkjet label printing system offering both high throughput and high imaging quality.
Photo: sample_new_300-snScreen developed inspection technology for transparent electrodes of touch panels. 
Photo: LCD_26LB3_300-sn

“Hiragino font” adopted for use in LCD televisions by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Photo: SU-2000

Release of “SU-2000” single-wafer cleaning system for ultra-thin substrate wafers.


Opening of Hitachi High-Technologies’ Metrology andInspectionCenterinside Screen’s Hikone plant.




Screen received the "Preferred Quality Supplier Award" from Intel Corporation (USA).

Launch of "Ledia 5F", fine line direct imaging system for PCB.
Launch of "FP-9000", high-end automatic final visual inspection system for PCB.
"FP-9000" received the 9th JPCA Award from Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association.

Screen Developed "Truepress Jet W3200UV", wide-format UV inkjet printing system for sign and display industry.

Launch of "Cell3iMager", high-speed three-dimensional cell culture scanner.
Launch of "Truepress Jet L350UV", UV inkjet label printing system.
2014 InSphero and SCREEN reached a distribution agreement for SCREEN's "Cell3iMager" in North America and Europe.
SCREEN received Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award.
Release of "TM-1C", transparent electrodes monitor for touch panels.
Launch of "Truepress Jet520HD", high-definition continuous feed inkjet printing sysytem.
Launch of new "80EX Spray Coater", resist coating system for electronic divices with 3D structures.
Mitsubishi Materials and SCREEN jointly developed the MEMS industry's first mass production technology for PZT piezoelectric films.
SCREEN and imec signed collaboration agreement for joint R&D on advanced nodes.
2015 SCREEN and Osaka University successfully produced solar cell evaluation system utilizing terahertz technology, and installed at Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute to contribute to cutting-edge solar cell research and development.
SCREEN invested in iPS Portal for accelerating acquisition of iPS-related technology and development of regenerative medicine products.
SOITEC and SCREEN jointly developed a high-volume process to achieve atomic-scale uniformity on 300mm FD-SOI substrates.
Komori and SCREEN announced strategic business agreement for sales of "Truepress Jet520HD" in the United States.
SCREEN and Evonik entered strategic partnership to promote iXsenic® technology
SCREEN developed a world-first platemaking technology for Printed Electronics that allows simplified batch production of complex electronic circuits.
SCREEN received the "Excellent Performance Award" from TSMC for Clean & Track Equipment Achievements
SCREEN developed  "UP-5000S", ultra precision gravure offset flatbed printing system for printed electronics (PtE), that enables totoal solution for large-scale production of electronic device.
Launch of "SS-80EX" Spin Scrubber Single Wafer Cleaning Equipment for 200 mm Semiconductor Wafers

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