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To Our Stakeholders

Achieving Sustainable Growth with Dependable Technologies


The SCREEN Group traces its history back to Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, a lithographic printing shop founded in Kyoto in 1868. In 1934, we succeeded in producing Japan's first photographic glass screens, beginning our journey as a research and development-focused enterprise. Our corporate name actually originated with these first screens.


Through the years, the SCREEN Group has continued to meet the rapidly changing needs of the printing and electronics industries, particularly in the semiconductor and display fields. Our cutting-edge solutions have also enabled us to open up a range of innovative new areas. From our humble origins, we have grown steadily to become a global enterprise with numerous products that hold top shares in their respective markets.


As the SCREEN Group has grown, we have continued to build our expertise in the areas of surface processing, direct imaging and image processing, developing them into our three core technologies. Working from this foundation, we have also merged and expanded applications in an effort to create further technologies that will lead to the discovery of new business opportunities.


The SCREEN Group is also working continuously to satisfy the expectations of each of our stakeholders. We have implemented various initiatives to enhance the transparency and soundness of our operations, including our transition to a holding company structure in 2014 and our active adoption of forward-looking codes of corporate governance.


As always, the Group's core goal continues to be the further enhancement of our corporate value. To this end, in April 2017, we introduced SCREEN's latest three year medium-term management plan, "Challenge" 2019. This comprehensive strategy will guide our progress for the fiscal period from March 2018 to 2020.


Our efforts will also, as always, be underpinned by SCREEN's corporate philosophies of "Sharing the future", "Human resource development" and "The pursuit of technology". We invite our stakeholders to join us as we work to achieve sustainable growth that will benefit all members of society.

Eiji Kakiuchi
Member of the Board

Chief Executive Officer












































Shin Minamishima
Senior Managing Director

Member of the Board












































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