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Automated Forged parts inspection system IM-3100

Automated Forged parts inspection system IM-3100

SCREEN has merged core technologies from Image processing and Optical inspection to develop IM-3100 to manage the "Quality", "Process" and "Cost" within the one single tool.
With its equipped technology, IM-3100 is built to overcome all the existing challenges in forging manufacturing, including "surface unevenness", "tolerance" and "individual variability" by accurate inspection.
Using the precise comparison algorithm and Optical capturing system "MAMS※", parts are inspected with multi angled image to eliminate false detection.

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  • Inspection object:
    Forged parts after Hot forging, Shot-blast
  • Inspection target:
    Surface roughness, dent, underfill, overfill, burr.
  • Cost reduction:
    Eliminate overlook to reduce re-inspection process.

    Minimize the resource by simplifying the process.

  • Yield improvement:
    Taking preventive process by analyzing the defect data of "Distribution map" and "chronological trend".
    Manage the mold replacement cycle by monitoring critical point on products.
    Utilize stored data to analyze and provide feedback for process improvement and generate product report.
  • Inspection accuracy:
    Detect defect on the parts with dimensional tolerance by comparing the data with master reference.
    Erasing the dent marks from shot-blast in the captured image by using image processing technology to accurately identify only the defect on parts.
    Reduce pseudo defect by image processing.
  • Operator friendly:
    Easy creation of master reference within 5min to compare for inspection.
    Complete the inspection within 5 sec cycle time, just by placing the parts on to the tray.
    Flexibility to handle variety of shapes by simple chuck replacement.
    Equipped with touch panel to monitor and control the transfer system.

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