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2004.11.04 Dainippon Screen and Nikon Boost Their Collaborative Effort to the Next Level (PDF:23.9KB)PDF
2004.10.26 High-end photomask inspection system released
Capable of ultra-fine 12.5 micron line width pattern inspection (PDF:78.0KB)PDF
2004.09.27 Production at new Hangzhou, China manufacturing subsidiary and factory scheduled to begin (PDF:132.2KB)PDF
2004.07.12 Low Temperature IPA Drying Technology to Be Incorporated
Into Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Systems - Improved performance, achieved wider range of applications for batch cleaning systems - (PDF:35.7KB)PDF
2004.07.07 DNS Confirms Matching ASML TWINSCAN's Productivity to Achieve In-line Litho-Cell Throughput World Record (PDF:35.6KB)PDF
2004.06.08 Dainippon Screen announces release of new thermal CTP for the newspaper industry Screen enters a new field with its commercial printing CTP technology (PDF:250.6KB)PDF
2004.05.25 Dainippon Screen announces the release of a final automatic optical inspection(AOI) system for printed circuit boards (PCBs) Features color image processing technology; preparations require only one-sixth the time. (PDF:130.1KB)PDF
2004.05.20 Dainippon Screen announces the release of a high-resolution automatic optical inspection (AOI) system for printed circuit boards (PCB) Can be used with extremely fine 12.5 micron line width patterns (PDF:167.2KB)PDF
2004.04.13 Screen establishes new manufacturing subsidiary in China (PDF:199.5KB)PDF
2004.02.24 Improved LCD manufacturing equipment capability: through expansion of production space in order to meet a larger amount of orders (PDF:816.8KB)PDF
2004.02.24 Announcement of the launch of equipment that can deal with the world's largest glass substrates for the seventh-generation TFT LCD panels (PDF:270.7KB)PDF
2004.02.12 Dainippon Screen and Nanometrics Announce the agreement to install the metrology units of Nanometrics into DNS's Coater/Developer (PDF:35.6KB)PDF

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