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2010.12.01 Development of New Coating System for Large Glass Substrates
— Utilizing Levitated Transfer Technology and Coating Technology to Improve Productivity and Reduce Running Costs — (PDF:162.1KB)PDF
2010.11.29 Screen to Enter Market for Semiconductor Wafer Pattern Inspection System
— Will Augment Lineup of Green Device Manufacturing Equipment — (PDF:157.1KB)PDF
2010.11.29 <SOKUDO Co., Ltd a Dainippon Screen subsidiary>, SOKUDO DUO sets
productivity world record and >350wph throughput target (PDF:68.9KB)PDF
2010.11.24 Release of Next-generation Single Wafer Cleaning System
— Simultaneous Achievement of World’s Best Productivity and Clean Level — (PDF:172.9KB)PDF
2010.10.12 Establishment of World’s First Cleaning Technology for Ultra Miniaturization
— Achieving Increased Yield in Next-generation Semiconductor Devices through Optimization of Cleaning Droplet Energy — (PDF:242.2KB)PDF
2010.06.24 Launch of a Wafer Cleaning System for Green Devices
— Full-Scale Entry into the Environmental Technology Market Sector, Including LEDs and Power Devices — (PDF:116.3KB)PDF
2010.06.21 Dainippon Screen and Gifu University Invent New Analytic Technology for Next-Generation Thin Film Solar Cells — Targeting World-First Product Commercialization: Incorporated into Film Thickness Measurement System Capable of Non-Contact, Non-Destructive Analysis of Large Panels — (PDF:175.2KB)PDF
2010.05.19 Dainippon Screen Secures Top Share in Worldwide Market for Semiconductor Cleaning Equipment in Three Key Fields (PDF:95.7KB)PDF
2010.05.11 Dainippon Screen Dainippon Screen and InfoPrint Solutions Inkjet Printing System Leads Industry
— More Than 200 Presses Have Been Installed and Are Running in Production — (PDF:143.8KB)PDF
2010.04.26 Dainippon Screen Captures 69% Share of Coater/Developer Segment of Global LCD Manufacturing Equipment Market (PDF:89.3KB)PDF
2010.03.24 Dainippon Screen Cooperates in Production of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai Osaka Pavilion (PDF:221.9KB)PDF
Chinese version(PDF:230KB)PDF

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