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大日本スクリーンがFPD製造装置で培った「塗る」技術を応用し、リチウムイオン電池(LiB)の開発に新しい可能性を拓きます――/リチウムイオン電池(LiB)用電極材料塗工乾燥装置のご紹介/・リチウムイオン電池(LiB)の電極材料の塗工、乾燥の評価に ・ディスプレー製造装置で培った精密塗布技術 ・新開発の乾燥システムで高速乾燥を実現

The technology of high-precision slit coating system, the No.1 coater for TFT arrays for LCD worldwide, has been adopted to electrode coater.
What's more, newly developed drying system features high speed drying process while preventing migrations. The coater/dryer is suitable for production of high-spec. rechargeable batteries such as Lithium-ion battery (LiB) for automobile use.

Uniform coating

Utilizing technological experience in FPD in the coating and drying process.
  • Easier adjustment of coating thickness
    The coating thickness can be finely adjusted simply by inputting the angle of the nozzle and gap between the nozzle and base material via the operation panel. This ensures a uniform coating thickness regardless of the skill of the operator.
  • Reduced material accumulation and coating errors
    Circulation of coating material, including that inside the nozzle, continues during standby. This reduces unevenness and coating errors caused by material accumulation and helps to achieve consistent coating performance.
  • Automatic adjustment of width positioning for front and rear sides
    The coating area for the front side is detected using a sensor and fed back to the nozzle position. This value is then used to automatically align the rear side.
  • Optimal coating thickness formation during intermittent coating
    The valve speed and timing can be controlled with great precision, providing enhanced adjustment of coating thickness formation.


High speed drying

Newly developed drying system supports both high quality and productivity.
  • Proprietary drying system enables high-speed processing
    The new system effectively combines slit-shaped, high-speed discharge of hot air with rapid suctioning of atmospheric humidity. Together these features keep the humidity of hot air brown above the electrode materials consistently low, achieving extremely quick drying.
  • New system controls migration and increases drying speed
    The air volume for each hot air nozzle can be adjusted independently, helping to reduce migration and also preventing segregation of the binder. With this precise control, it is possible to create a profile that offers maximum drying speed.*

* Based on our own comparative evaluation, drying times can be reduced by 20%.




● Coarting method : Slit coating (Die coating) ● Coating material : Electrode material
● Base material : Copper foil, aluminium foil ● Coating thickness : max. 250 μm
● Base material width : max. 700 mm ● Coating pattern : Continuous, striped, intermittent
● Coating width : max. 690 mm ● Hot air discharge temp : max. 150°C
● Processing transfer speed : max. 30m/ min.    
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Tests on our Testing Equipment

Let us test your material on our our testing equipment in our plant. We can tailor testing to meet your exacting needs.

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